I går var vi til pre-sale hos Underprotection der kunne vise deres første smukke kollektion frem her var masser af champagne og snacks og én ting er sikker, jeg kommer kun til at gå med leopard det næste lange stykke tid!

Underprotection is a Danish brand, based in Copenhagen and founded in 2010. The purpose of our company is to create fashionable and sustainable underwear for men and women.
We want to make a difference by giving our customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when buying underwear. It's what we all wear closest to our body and therefore we only use sustainable materials such as bamboo, soy and organic cotton.
Underprotection has four annual collections all consisting of underwear for him and her, two main collections and two additional. All our products represent sustainable fashion and are created to bring our customers affordable luxury.

Our Vision

A sustainable thought is good
But a sustainable way of living is gold
Fashion and sustainability need to go hand in hand
Therefore we strive to implement sustainability
In every aspect of our work

Gyldenlakvej 11, 3.tv
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
+45 31 13 07 11


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